Monterey County Housing, Inc. (MCHI) Monterey County Housing, Inc. (MCHI)
Registration - Overview
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There are multiple registration categories based upon your individual situation. Current options include:
MCHI Residents
Non Profit Organizations
Individual / Public
Pre-Application / Wait List
Please review the following narratives and select one the most applicable to you.
MCHI Resident
This is exclusively for the benefit of the current tenants of MCHI and MCHIAA owned properties, specifically:
  Parkside Manor Jardines Del Monte Casanova Plaza Leo Meyer Senior Center
  Salinas, CA Salinas, CA Monterey, CA King City, CA
Resident Login Instruction Video
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The benefits of resident registration include, but not limited to,
  • Resident oriented event announcements from parties to  yard sales
  • Announcements about common area remodeling projects
  • Enhancing a sense of community rather that a collection of strangers
  • Affording a means of expressing and interactively discussing issues important to tenants
  • Introducing new property management staff members
  • Online Maintenance Requests. With our online Tenant Portal, you can quickly notify our staff of any maintenance issues should they arise.
  • A means of expressing tenant satisfaction levels directly to MCHI, as owner
  • Acknowledgement of exemplary tenant efforts within their respective community
  • Passing relevant information from the respective city to tenants, such as the opening of a new park or senior center
  • A direct means of communicating with MCHI for complaints or suggestion to improve common area experiences
The resident lease holder also has the ability to have each member of the household register with their own unique username and password.
Non Profit Organizations
  Monterey County Housing, Inc. (MCHI) desires to be a centralized access point for the dissemination of event notices that would be of interest to Monterey County residents. We are aware of the difficulties that non-profits experience attempting to economically publicize anything from board meetings to fund raisers.

Advertising in the print media is doubly frustrating where to be effective the lister has to pay to have their notice published and the reader has to pay to read the item in its entirety.

Your event will be advertised without cost to you. MCHI wants to be a vital part of the community, and this is part of our motivation to offer event listings free of charge to nonprofit organizations such as yours.

All we require is basic information about your organization....and all information provided is deemed privileged.
Landlord / Managers
This registration allows landlords and property managers to list  rental properties within Monterey County for potential tenants to review. This service  distinguishes itself from other vehicles (e.g., Go,, Zillow Rent Connect, etc.), in manners that include the following:
  • It is free to both seekers of rental property and those that provide rental property.
  • Its emphasis is on affordable properties, although market rate properties will be accepted.
  • There is a strong emphasis on timeliness, where properties listed are not allowed to age more than 30 days without overt action by the property lister.
  • Its existence is not driven by a motivation for profit, but to augment the realization of MCHI’s mission.
Registration consists of 2 phases that should take no more than a couple minutes of your time. Active access begins after MCHI confirms your registration entries...a process completed WELL WITHIN 24 hours time.
This is intended for an individual member of the public requesting website access without any affiliation (i.e., not representing any organization but reading/speaking for themselves).
The primary reason for an individual to desire login access is to read and have his/her voice heard in the Discussion Forum which addresses issues germane to Monterey County and affordable housing in particular.
The registration requirements for an individual are few, but ideally the interested individual will respond to a mix of optional demographic inquiries that will be used for statistical purposes to better appreciate the various influential factors that contribute to individual opinions.
Pre-Application / Wait List