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On one hand this is a website module that tries to emulate the informality of an urban neighborhood conversation commonly occurring during the heat of Summer months as the residents sat on their stoops discussing the issues of the day…as they tried to escape the heat in an era where air-conditioning was a rarity.
On a more formal level (versus the casual neighborhood stoop dialogue), this module is a variation of the venerable Town Meeting, one of the purest forms of democratic governing that has been in use for over 300 years in New England…allowing for residents to voice their opinions and directly effect change in their communities.
Accordingly, this is where residents can raise issues that are important to them and champion their outcomes while engaged in constructive dialogue with other residents that may have a different perspective on the issue raised.
Ideally there would be conciliatory agreement via a collaborative effort of those involved in the discussion, but at worst it would allow MCHI’s  Board to appreciate the importance of the issue and use the discussions as a point of reference in their ultimate handling of the matter.
Required Registration
Access to the Community Dialogue module is limited to registered users...including the ability to merely read without posting.  It is recognized that typically the general public is allowed to read others' postings but a goal here is to minimize passive lurkers as well as eliminate bots and spammers. Accordingly the registered users found in the Community Dialogue module are perceived to have a genuine and active interest in the quality of life within Monterey County.
Enough of the preface, press here to get started.