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Payment Standards
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The "payment standard" is the maximum monthly rent assistance that the government will pay to a landlord who rents to a family with a Section 8 voucher. The payment standard depends on the apartment size and the area where the rental unit is located.
The payment standard is often the same as the fair market rent (see Fair Market Rents below), but can be slightly higher or slightly lower. Check with HACM to see which payment standard they are currently using.
If you have a Section 8 voucher, you must try to find an apartment where the rent, including utilities, is not higher than the payment standard. If the rent is higher than the payment standard, you must pay the extra. If the rent is much higher than the payment standard, the housing agency will not approve the apartment.
FY 2018 FMRs by unit bedrooms for Monterey County, California.
Efficiency One-Bedroom Two-Bedroom Three-Bedroom Four-Bedroom
$986 $1,146 $1,333 $2,074 $2,215
FY 2017* Income Limit Summary
Number of Persons in Family 1 2 3 4 5 6 7
Extremely Low Income
(60% Very Low Income)**
17,100 19,550 22,000 24,600 28,780 32,960 37,140
Very Low Income
(50% Median Income)
28,500 32,600 36,650 40,700 44,000 47,250 50,500
Low Income
(80% Median Income)
45,600 52,100 58,600 65,100 70,350 75,550 85,950
*a/o April 14, 2017
**The FY 2014 Consolidated Appropriations Act changed the definition of extremely low-income to be the greater of 30/50ths (60 percent) of the Section 8 very low-income limit or the poverty guideline as established by the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), provided that this amount is not greater than the Section 8 50% very low-income limit. Consequently, the extremely low income limits may equal the very low (50%) income limits.