Monterey County Housing, Inc. (MCHI) Monterey County Housing, Inc. (MCHI)
Request for Proposals
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As a Non-Profit Public Benefit Corporation in California, MCHI is subject to state law regarding the purchase of goods and services. Our goal is to undertake an open and fair process, conducted in good faith, which results in good value to MCHI and our stakeholders.
In most cases, MCHI uses a Request for Proposals (RFPs)/Request for Qualifications (RFQs) process which sets out the criteria for the goods or services needed, the information that must be provided by bidders and the evaluation criteria that will be applied to the bids.
Links to current RFPs and RFQs are set forth below.

RFP Name Job # Date Due
Property Management Services for MCHI Rental Properties 2021.10 12/03/2021